Challenge details

Challenge details

Challenge details are optional. Leave the detail fields blank if not applicable to the challenge, or fill in any relevant fields. Use the tools at the bottom of each text box to format.

Background and purpose: Describe the background and purpose of the challenge.


Instructions: brief, step-by-step instructions on how to earn and claim points, including how to receive the challenge code for ‘Take an action’ challenges.

Enter brief, step-by-step instructions on how to earn and claim points. It's important for Learn and Earn challenges to instruct users to read the article and answer a few questions. For Take Action challenges, be sure to include instructions on how participants can receive their code or what they need to submit an image of. 

Terms and conditions: add any terms or conditions for participating, including terms around image permission for Take action image challenges.  

Location: If the challenge is taking place at a location, you can input the address here. It will also show the location on a Google Map.

Date/hours/time: For event challenges, you can input details of the date, hours and time that the challenge is taking place.

Contact details: If you wish for users to seek more information from you or a website, you can input an email address, phone number and web URL. These will be displayed to members on the page. 

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