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How do I create a local reward and how does the system work?

Locals sign up to be household members and earn points by participating in challenges set by their local Council.
For example a Coffee Cup Challenge - where members earn points for using a reusable cup to grab their takeaway coffee.
Once members have taken some challenges and built up their points, they can then go shopping online through the GreenMoney portal to purchase vouchers for discounts
offered by local businesses.

Are there any costs involved?
No - setup costs are covered by participating Councils. The benefit for your business is free digital promotion to hundreds of local customers. All you need to do is have an exclusive reward offer for GreenMoney members to redeem.

What do I have to do as a reward partner?
All you need to do is have an exclusive reward offer for GreenMoney members to redeem and honour that offer when customers present their voucher.
How do customers redeem?
Members go shopping online in the GreenMoney portal/app and use their points to purchase vouchers for discount rewards offered by local businesses. Customers then present their voucher in store to you either in the GreenMoney app or as a printed voucher.

Click here to download our one page guide on accepting GreenMoney vouchers.

How do I get my offer page setup?
Get started by going to or drop us a line at
A member of our team will be in touch to help you craft a promotion that customers will love.
What sort of discount offer can I put up?
This is up to you – we will work with you to help craft an awesome offer with the aim of bringing more customers through your doors.
Some examples of popular offers include:
  • 10% off voucher
  • Buy one get one free
  • $5 off your purchase when you spend $X
How many points should I make my reward offer, can I change this?
As a guide, points are generally set at the $ amount saved on the reward offer multiplied by 10. i.e $1 saving = 10 points. You can set the points higher or lower as a way to control the amount of redemptions you receive.
Can I edit/create reward offers?
You will have access to the GreenMoney business centre, where they have the ability to create and edit reward offers. You can also access the redemptions data to see when your offer has been redeemed.
Can I set up multiple reward offers?
Yes, you are able to set up as many reward offers as you like through the business centre or by emailing through details of the multiple offers to for our team to setup.
Can I run limited time offers? How do I switch off my offer?
You will have full access to your reward offers through the business centre. From here you will have control over how long your offer is active. You also have the ability to switch off your offer at any time. Alternatively, you can contact us and we will switch it off for you -
How do I manage redemptions?
In the business centre you are able to download a redemption list for your offer so that you can use it to manage and track your redemptions at your point of sale. Each voucher redeemed has a unique voucher number which appears at the top right of the voucher and can be married up to the redemptions list that is downloaded from the business centre.

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