Finalise and display your new challenges


Finalise and display challenge

To receive email notifications each time a participant joins, switch the notifications slider to  YES. Select an email address from the drop-down menu to receive notifications (Note: only an administrator’s email address can receive notifications).


If you service both households and city workers you can select which type of user the challenge will be visible to by selecting the checkbox next to the relevant option in the Challenge visibility section. (Note: at least one user type must be checked to successfully save the challenge.)

Select the category that the challenge will appear in, you can select more than one.

To display the finished page to members, switch the slider to  YES, then click  Save and exit.

To save the page as a draft without displaying, leave the slider on  NO. The page can be displayed or undisplayed at any time by switching the slider and saving.

Go to  Manage challenges in your account to edit all created challenges.

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