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Using an up to date browser
When accessing the admin portal, make sure you are using an updated web browser like Google Chrome or Firefox. Some older browsers like Internet Explorer often cause issues in displaying web content.

Search challenges using keywords
When searching for a challenge in the Manage Challenges section, using the 'search keywords' feature can be really useful in helping to find past challenges quickly. Simply type in a keyword or phrase (e.g. Plastic-free) that is in the title of a challenge and the platform will return all challenges that contain those words in them.

Challenge list view
If you want to change the number of challenges you can view at once, you can do so by using the View drop-down box. From here you can change the number of challenges you are viewing between 10, 20 and 50.

Creating a challenge

Incorrect image sizes - resizing in Canva
If the dimensions of an image you are uploading aren't 480x330, you can use the online graphic editing tool Canva to edit the size of the image to fit these specifications.

Character  limits
Using Word to do a character check - when creating a challenge, some of the fields have character limits. To ensure you don't exceed these character limits you can paste the text into a word document and check how of the fields.

Points value
Generally, the more difficult the challenge is to complete (or the more effort a user has to put into it to complete it), the higher the points value will be.

Below is a general guide for how many points challenges are worth based on challenge type:

10 points = Learn and earn (no quiz questions)
25 points = Learn and earn (with quiz questions)
25 points = Pledge (1-2 weeks duration)
50 points = Pledge (3-6 weeks duration)
75 points = Action - basic (e.g. sign up to one News)
100-500 points = Action - extensive (e.g. event attendance, submitting a file, taking a photo) 

Info hovers
You can hover over the info icons provided in the setup process to get some more information about some sections e.g. Number of points.

Displaying a challenge 

Preview function
Use the preview function in order to review the challenge you have set up.
Saving a challenge
When you are ready to save the challenge, switch the Display page button on to make it live, or leave it switched off if it's not ready to go live. Press 'Save and exit'. 

Saving challenge type
Make sure that you select the challenge type and the quiz/poll question types before saving the challenge. 

Challenge frequency
Challenges should be evenly spaced out and generally there shouldn't be too many created at once to ensure highest engagement.

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