How do I redeem a reward?

How do I redeem a reward on the web?

  1. When you've earned enough points, log into your account and click Redeem rewards, then find some rewards you'd like and click Add to cart. Click the cart icon to checkout.
  2. In My cart, carefully check your purchase. When you are ready to purchase your vouchers click Check out.
  3. On the Check out page, click the Complete button and your reward voucher will be sent straight to your email inbox.
  4. You can access your redeemed vouchers at any time by logging into your account and clicking My Wallet and clicking Download.
  5. Follow the instructions on your voucher to receive your reward.
    - For brick-and-mortar stores and venues, take your voucher into the merchant's business and present it upon checkout.
    - For online stores, you will be provided with a unique code to use during the checkout process.
    - For mobile app vouchers, see How do I redeem a mobile reward?

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