Pushing challenges to your datasets

Send a notification to your Data set

You can use Data sets to push out an instant email notification for a specific challenge.

1. Log into your admin account and  click on  'Manage challenges' from the left menu.

2. Locate the Challenge that you would like to push out and click the 'Send to data set' button.


3. Select the Data sets from the drop down list that you want to notify about the Challenge. You can send to one or multiple Data sets by clicking on the  'Add more' button.
NOTE: you need to have first created the Data set for them to appear in the list.


4. Once you have selected your data sets click the 'Send' button. You will be asked to confirm your decision to send. Click 'yes, notify data set' if you are ready for the instant notification to be sent. Below is an example of the email notification:


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